How do I start working 12steps now, since I can't get to inperson aa meetings until september?

On line. There are online meetings thru various user groups, do you have microphone or you could just listen. I know I am answereing this late as it is now november, so hopefully you are now going? Order a "big book", the alcoholics anonymous text and the 12 step book. Though especially the big book is much better to go through with some one experianced but its a good start. Good luck.
Lots of ways. There are online meetings on any service that has chatrooms, particularly america online (aol). Get the big book (alcoholics anonymous) and workbooks regarding the 12 steps and 12 traditions. If you cannot get outside, you can get them from amazon. If you are institutionalized, see if the local aa regional office can send someone to do meetings wherever you are (like jail or long-term rehab).