How come everytime I drink alcohol I get a wierd wave of depression?

It is a depressant. Not everyone will get waves of depression, at least initially. Alcohol universally is seen as a depressant. The degree to which it is depressing varies but the fact that it is a depressant is clear. You may be at greater risk for serious depression that is clinical and could need intervention if you continue to drink alcohol in any form.
Alcohol is depressin. Every drop of alcohol is a depressant. The "high" is related to disinhibition, or loosing one's sense of socially acceptable behavior. But drinking = depression, particularly if you are susceptible to depression for some reason.

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Taking ciprager for post natal depression. Can you drink alcohol with this?

Bad idea. There's a reason antidepressant meds (adms) have a warning label stating "do not use alcohol w this med." first, drinking w it amounts to mixing a depressant with an adm. 2nd, the med needs to reach & maintain a steady blood level, & alcohol, a good solvent for many things, knocks the med's blood level down. Not sure about this one but many adms r processed thru the liver. Please don't drink w it. Read more...

I have been taking St. John's Wort 250mg tablets once a day for 6 weeks to lift my mood, not for depression. Can I drink alcohol while on them?

I wouldn't recommend. it. Firstly, there is only a little evidence that ANY medication actually improved mild depression (or dysthymia, the medical term), and you are better off with psychotherapy, meditation and (esp!) EXERCISE. Secondly, alcohol itself is a depressant, and may be contributing to your poor mood. I would strongly consider how much alcohol may be part of the problem before you consider continuing use. Read more...

I'm taking Prozac (fluoxetine) (the generic form) for anxiety and depression. Is it ok to drink alcohol when im taking this?

Be careful. I'd limit self to no more than one drink until i know how it would affect you. Also, side alcohol is a depressant, it can counter the affect of the prozac (fluoxetine). Be judicious. Read more...