Does anyone know if there are any aa meetings for the children of alcoholics (the kids not being alcoholics)?

Yes. Yes i agree with other answer, al-anon is for any family member or friend affected by someone else's alcoholism, however there is also a specific 12 step group for adult children of alcoholics. If in a big enough city it is actually amazing how many different kinds of 12 step meetings there are. There is also ala-teen and ala-tot for kids and teens.
Yes. Generally these groups are referred to as al-anon.
Adult Children of. Alcoholics meetings are for adults whose parent or parents were alcoholic. You learn to understand about the dysfunction you grew up with and how it impacted you. It allows you to learn more about yourself, to have an automatic support system and to make changes that can lead to a more fulfilling life. Alateen is for teenagers who currently live with the dysfunction of an alcoholic family.