Does alcohol exacerbate depression and anxiety?

Yes. Alcohol is a unique drug. It offers short term anxiety relief followed by depressed mood and often rebound anxiety.
Alcohol depression. When one faces their problems by taking a drink or some pills, it prevents the body from being able to handle the situation on it's own. It is reinforcing to one's reward and pleasure centers to learn that one's mental distresses can be managed with alcohol and/or drugs. That is one way folks become addicted. Learning to face one's problems head on and sober is the way to go.

Related Questions

I've been diagnosed with anxiety, depression and ADD for years now. I always seem to find a crutch. Drugs, men, sex, alcohol. I want to stop, help?

12 Step program. Please continue to see your doctors for your anxiety, depression and ADD. Beyond that, consider getting into a 12 step program which can help you avoid the unhelpful move toward drugs, men, sex, alcohol, etc. Some groups are called AA, some NA, but they all work on the same model. Peace and good health.

Depression/anxiety after drinking alcohol. Why do I only get like this with alcohol?

Choices. I am not sure. Perhaps if you hold in feelings, the alcohol disinhibits you enough to feel them. Alcohol tends to be a depressant over time. Regardless of the reason -clearly alcohol is impacting you negatively. Why continue to drink it you have a bad outcome?

Any suggestions for giving up drinking alcohol for a young woman prone to anxiety/depression?

Yes. Some form of relapse prevention if depression or anxiety worsened after sobriety (to avoid triggering a relapse), like aa meetings, psychotherapy and /or medication is highly recommended. On the other hand, treatment of depression while working on the sobriety might boost motivation and hope to accomplish the desired sobriety.

Just been put on fluoxetine for depression and anxiety and looking to have a drink of alcohol, is this safe?

Not recommended. Best not to consume alcohol with your antidepressant medication, although an occasional drink probably won't hurt unless you're prone to excessive drinking.

Does a person that is sensitive to allergy of certain foods alcohol pollens have a high level of histomine and is anxiety and depression associated?

High Histamine. Can make one feel flushed, hyper, produce GI symptoms. If you have had you histamine level check by your doc he/she can help you lower it. A nutritionist or natural doc would be a good choice also. Peace and good health.

I'm taking Prozac (fluoxetine) (the generic form) for anxiety and depression. Is it ok to drink alcohol when im taking this?

Be careful. I'd limit self to no more than one drink until I know how it would affect you. Also, side alcohol is a depressant, it can counter the affect of the prozac (fluoxetine). Be judicious.

When taking Zoloft (sertraline) & klonopin for depression, anxiety, panic disorder, I know you should avoid alcohol, caffeine, chocolate. What about cigarettes& sugar?

Probably Not. I know of no absolute contra indication relative to someone taking zoloft (sertraline) and Klonopin with nicotine and sugar consumption. Of course, I am sure you already know you should quit smoking and not eat too many sweets? Btw- I try and avoid Klonopin in my patients as it can be habit forming and difficult to stop, .
Cigarettes. Smoking cab lower the blood levels of medications which may make them less effective.
No good! The tar in cigarettes can induce a liver enzyme 1a2, this should not affect the blood levels of zoloft (sertraline) or klonopin. However nicotine is a stimulant, and stimulants are not helpful for individuals with panic. Also emphysema, secondary to cigarettes is particularly unpleasant when you have panic. Refined sugar can lead to fluctuations in glucose exacerbating panic. Talk to dr. About quitting.
Cigarettes? I advise u not to smoke at all. It is well known that if smoking dies not cause lung cancer it can cause chronic bronchitis and. Copd.