Does placenta previa require treatment?

Maybe. If a placenta previa is still present at term, a cesarean delivery is indicated.
YES! Placenta previa at term left untreated shall cause severe maternal hemorrhage - even possible exsanguination and maternal death. The proper management includes prelabor cesarean section by 36-37 weeks to avoid bleeding. Avoid all nsaids, unecessary car rides, intercourse, exercise or heavy lifting throught pregnancy if you have this diagnosis and deliver in a large tertiary hospital!

Related Questions

Can somebody explain for me treatment of placenta previa?

Prelabor c-section. The surgical management of persistent placenta previa is pre-labor cesarean section at 36-37 weeks in a large hospital with blood bank and ICU availability.

Could placenta previa lead to placenta percreta?

PP can be percreta. A placenta prévia can invade the uterine and cervical tissues and be associated with a placenta increta and placenta percreta.

Can you deliver vaginally if placenta previa corrects itself? C

Yes it is possible. If it corrects itself completely you should be able to deliver vaginally. Check with your ob.

If I have placenta Previa in 19 weeks pragnancy so what shuld I do?

Nothing to do. There is noting specific for you to do. Most likely the placenta will move up higher as the pregnancy progresses. Let your doctor know if you develop vaginal bleeding. Your doctor may restrict you from having vaginal intercourse if the placenta stays in the current location.