Will getting botox reduce sensation in my face?

Botox no sensory. Botox doesn't cause sensory loss only motor loss. In other words, the Botox will minimize muscle movement but does not produce sensation loss of nerves.
No. Botulinum toxin works by weakening movement of muscles in your face. It does not affect the sensory nerves. Incidentally, Botox does not do anything directly to the skin either. It stops wrinkles by preventing the muscles from scrunching the skin and causing wrinkles.
Nope. Neurotoxins like Botox have a specific effect on the neuromuscular junction (the space between muscles and their "motor" nerves). As such, there is no effect on the sensory nerves. Interestingly, sweat glands are also effected by Botox because they have the same signalling mechanism as the neuromuscular junction - thus it can reduce sweating in treated areas. Hope this helps!
No. Botox relaxes the contraction of muscles by blocking motor nerve impulses only. It does not affect sensory nerves in any way, so while there is a minimal risk of some side effects, loss of facial sensitivity is not one of them.
No. It only paralyzes the muscle and it will not move and loses it 's tone for about 3 months .It will then recover full muscle tone and movement .
Yes. Sometimes deadens sensory nerves.