What should I feed my eighteen to twenty-four month old baby?

Variety. Offering a full rainbow of colors and much variety helps continue to shape your child's palate. If your toddler doesn't like a food the first time try again a few days later. Research shows it may take as many as 16-20 tries before a child will consistently take a food. Offer a green, and orange veggie as well as fruit with every meal. Start to involve your child in grocery shopping/cooking.
Appetite varies. Your toddler will show an unpredictable interest in foods. Foods that you eat are often more interesting than jar foods. Appetite will vary day to day as growth slows a little. Avoid foods that need grinding until the molars come in. Toddlers often take on a yellow glow around the fingers, ears or toes. This is due to vitamin a from yellow veggies and will fade over time.