What does migraine fainting spells dizziness back pain loss of balance muscle weakness and arrhythmia mean?

You need a doctor. That's a lot of things that a doctor would call "red flags." that means that some of that suggests at least the possibility of serious problems. If you haven't had a comprehensive evaluation for your symptoms, you need one. I'd start with an internal medicine doctor and let them refer you to specialists as needed.

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Any doctors advice on symptoms spine pain, muscle spasms in ribs, dizziness, breathing probs, muscle weakness, tremors arms/head/legs not constant?

What's under hood? Sounds like your car engine could use a tune up! I'd recommend seeing a primary care physician who can start the process by finding out when each problem began to discover its root cause (if possible). Labs & other studies will likely be needed. Only then, can good advice be given on lifestyle changes or medications that will get you singin' and dancin again! Good luck. Read more...