What can I do to help my child?

Need more info. If you have an urgent concern about your child, you should call your Pediatrician's after hours number & speak to the on-call physician. If it's not urgent, you can call the office when it opens in the morning. If you can be more specific with your question, one of our Health Tap physicians can try to help with your concern.
Couple of things... Work with the doctor to make sure your child has the right medicine, and make sure your child takes the medicine and follows directions. Decrease the triggers in your home, like dust, smoking and cockroaches, that make your child’s asthma worse. If your child is old enough, he should carry his asthma medication with him in case symptoms get bad.

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What can I do to help my child with her poor attention skills at school without using drugs?

Improved structure. Check out chadd.Org for a number of excellent books talking about non-drug stragies for helping with attention. Behavioral interventions can be as effective as medications, but they have to be well designed and maintained. The school psychologist should have a list of strategies worth trying. Like medications, the benefits disappear when you remove the support systems. Read more...