Are headaches common before your menstrual period?

Yes. Headache is not uncommon premenstrual symptom. However, don't presume that is the underlying cause, especially if there is a new pattern or increased severity or some change in the types of headaches, or the nature of the headache. It is as important to tell your primary care doc as it is your gynecologist about headaches. And every female should have both.
Yes. Premenstrual headaches are a part of premenstrual syndrome. Over-the-counter medicines such as Motrin or Advil (ibuprofen) can help with headaches, muscle aches, or cramps. Lifestyle improvements such as decreasing caffeine, sugar, and salt during the premenstrual week may lessen symptoms. The doctor may try other PMS treatments if headaches persist, and he can also look for other causes of headaches.