What is the definition or description of: polycystic ovary syndrome?

A metabolic disorder. Pcos is a metabolic disorder affecting 8-10% of women that may cause irregular periods, acne or increased hair growth, infertility or subfertility, and increases the risk of diabetes. To diagnose pcos, we need 2 out of 3 of: 1. Irregular or no periods 2. Acne, hair growth and/or blood tests showing too much male-type hormones (androgens) 3. Ultrasound showing large ovaries or high follicle numbers.
2 definitions. There are two sets of criteria for diagnosing pcos. The more strict nih criteria requires some sort of ovulation issue and an excess of male hormone levels (by blood test or symptoms). The less strict rotterdam criteria also includes polycystic looking ovaries on ultrasound, but one only needs to meet 2/3 criteria to be diagnosed. Either way other diseases such as thyroid must br ruled out.