Should my son get the HPV vaccine?

YES! Yes, of course! the vaccine has been approved for men and boys for two years now (gardisil that is, Cervarix is not approved for boys/men yet). It is approved for the prevention of anal cancer and it's precursors caused by hpv and genital warts as well.
Yes he should get it. Vaccine is approved and recommended for boys and girls from age 9 to 23 it is covered by most insurance all over usa.And is available for those without insurance from the local health department and federal vaccine for children free of charge. To prevent hpv vccine boys and girls both should be immunized against hpv with three doses as recommended.
HPV. To interrupt an epidemic and to lessen the chance of transmission of a virus that can lead to cancer of the cervix, rectum, and throat it is wise to vaccinate all potential victims of the virus. Hpv vaccine is the most politicized vaccine ever created. Take the politics out if the equation and choose to try to end these cancers.
Eventually yes. The hpv vaccine is an anti-cancer vaccine protecting against most cervical cancers and probably against anal cancers caused by the same viruses. The vaccine is very safe but is expensive. With limited resources in healthcare, all girls should be offered the vaccine first, then the high-risk boys, then the remaining boys. Boys can ask for the vaccine now, if they want it, regardless of risk level.