Is it safe to take medication for anxiety disorders while pregnant?

Pregnant. It is vital to have your prescribing doc. Work closely with your ob/gyn to monitor throughout pregnancy.
Talk to your Ob-Gyn! Most ob-gyn's have medication lists that detail what medications are safe vs unsafe during pregnancy. If you did not receive a take home medication sheet, please request one so that you can have it handy!
Yes. This is challenging as many medications for anxiety have been shown to possibly have effects on some babies. Need to discuss with your doctor, ideally before you become pregnant.
Risk/benefit ratio. Yes, safer than disorder. 2 major classes, benzos and ssri's are ok with caveats. Avoid benzos until after 11 weeks, use sparingly, night only best, associated with cleft lip and palate rate of 2-3/10, 000 pregnancies b/f 11week.. High dose use could result in fetal dependence, studies dem. Babies show no sig dev problem. Ssri minimal risk, see mass gen women's psych website, print, bring to ob.