What can I expect at my 6-week postpartum checkup?

Full Physical Exam. An early postpartum visit at one to two weeks postpartum should be considered for women with cesarean delivery, medical issues that require close follow-up and women at risk for postpartum depression . The routine postpartum visit should include a complete physical exam and in some cases cervical cultures and inspection of episiotomy.
Exam and discussion. My focus at the postpartum visit is to ensure any unresolved issues from the pregnancy (blood pressure, diabetes, c-section incision, vaginal tear repairs, etc) are doing well. I make sure pap smear, testing for infections, and tetanus/pertussis vaccine is up to date. I discuss how breastfeeding is going. I screen for postpartum blues or depression. Lastly, i discuss birth control options.
Exam and discussion. The primary purpose is to make sure that you are well healed. We check the vital signs, incisions, episiotomy repairs. We check that postpartum bleeding is normal. We assess the possibility of postpartum blues. A pap smear may be performed and a pelvic exam is generally performed. Usually, a decision about contraception is made. And, we love to see the baby!