Is it safe to take lorazepam while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Risk/benefit. Generally try to avoid in the 1st trimester, though the risk of cleft palate and lip may be less than once thought. Safe in the 2nd and 3rd trimester, with high doses maybe some risk of decreased muscle tone/slowed breathing (rare). There is a risk of preterm labor and low birthweight infants, as well as pre-eclampsia in anxiety disorders. Please see mass general's women's mental health page!
Depends. In the first trimester, there may be risk of malformations but the studies aren't clear. It is safe in the second trimester. If taken for a long time before delivery or a large dose just before delivery, it can cause a floppy baby that doesn't respond right away. The benefits of the medication may outweigh the risks though. In addition, it can be addicting. You should talk to your doctor.

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19 weeks pregnant & breastfeeding a 2y old. I suffer from major panic attacks & agoraphobia they prescribed me. 5 lorazepam before okay to take it 1 a month?

Ativan (lorazepam) pregnant. I have prescribed it but I do this with my patients not to them. I go over the risks, benefits, side effects, and alternatives and after the first trimester the risk of birth defects is reduced. Also no caffeine, tobacco, or other stimulants--even sugar. I have used antidepressants during pregnancy with no defects or suits. The main thing is good communication and a + relationship with ur ob/gyn. Read more...
Category D Med. I wouldn't and certainly would not as you approach delivery. Category d includes those known to have significant effects on the fetus. It has been found to remain in a newborns system up to 11 days after delivery. The main worry for newborns is respiratory depression. As with any other med, if your need exceeds these risks, you must care for yourself first. Read more...