Is it safe to take levamisole while pregnant or breastfeeding?

NO!!!! What are you taking levamisole for? It is no longer used in human health, and was taken off the market because of its dangers. Levamisole has recently shown up as a cutting agent in cocaine, and has resulted in many cases of dangerously low white blood cell counts, serious infections, and can cause an inflammation of small blood vessels which can have serious effects on health and life itself.
No. In the us ; canada, ketrax (levamisole) has two uses: deworming livestock ; as an adulterant for cocaine. It was removed from the us market in 2000 ; from the canadian market in 2003 due to toxicity to include agranulocytosis. It is not safe during pregnancy or breast feeding.
No. Not enough safety information on it that i can find. I would just stay away from it.