Will the doctor put me to sleep if I need a chest tube inserted?

Depends. If this is an emergent need for a chest tube usually only local/topical medications are given. If this is an elective placement of the chest tube occassionally IV medication can be given before the procedure. In good hands the placement should be only moderately uncomfortable.
Typically not. A chest tube is typically placed with copious amounts of local anesthetic injected on the skin and tissues. You might be given some sedation. General anesthesia could be more dangerous in this instance due to the condition necessitating the chest tube, like tension pneumothorax, pleural effusion, heart failure, or severe pneumonia with empyema, etc.

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Do u need to get put to sleep to get ear tubes inserted?

Depends. This is delicate work, involving cutting a hole in a sensitive ear drum after cleaning & sanitizing the ear canal, then any mucous or debris is suctioned out of the middle ear with a vacuum that sounds like a train bearing down on you. I suppose an adult might want to tough it out awake, understanding that any movement might mess things up, but it wouldn't work for infants/kids. Read more...
No. As an ent, i always go to the operating room to place tubes in children. 95% of adults who receive ear tubes in my practice choose to have this done in the office. Under a microscope the ear drum is anaesthetized with topical phenol, a microscopic incision placed, any fluid suctioned from the ear, and a tube placed in the incision. All this takes less than 5 minutes. Read more...