What is the treatment for a sucking chest wound?

Hospital ASAP. Get to the hospital immediately. A sucking chest wound means that the chest cavity is open to air and the lung on that size is completely collapsed. First aid for this is classically placing an occlusive dressing that is taped down on three sides and left open on the fourth side. Definitive treatment is surgery, placing a tube into the chest to re-expand the lung, and breathing machine (ventilator.
Several parts. In the field: sealing dressing followed by chest tube, dressing, and possibly operation to debride wound and seal lung or bleeding site.
Chest tube. Need chest tube, we had a pt with metastatic ca, open chest wound due to acute bleed for palliation did just fluid tapping, family decided just vaseline dsg with boiled cloth diapers orally started royal jelly, aloe arborencense, almond butter small pearl, with herbal green drinks patients wound sealed itself.