How can I tell if I have an Achilles tendon injury after my motorcycle accident?

Weak plantar flexion. When walking, the calf muscle contracts, your foot pushes down, and you are propelled forward. If your foot is forced up while the gastroc is contracting, you can tear the achilles tendon. A partial tear may be more swollen and sore than weak, while a complete tear is weak. Lie on your stomach with your knee flexed, squeeze your calf, and your foot should plantar flex if the tendon is intact.
Can you bear weight . On your toes. If not you probably ruptured tendon. Feel back of ankle if swollen with palpable gap then tendon is torn.
Achilles. After the truma if a torn achilles is present you would be able to feel a void or dell in the achilles. Mri would be able to tell if rupture is present and how much gap is between the two ends.
Achilles injury. Symptoms of achilles’ tendon injury include: weakness, and lack of push-off strength, instability and difficulty to walk, swelling around the area, more apparent when compared to the other leg, sometimes pain around the area of rupture, sometimes there is a noticeable dell or depression in the area where there used to be a heel cord.
Achilles tendon hurt. There are a number of things that can happen: you feel a gap in your achilles tendon, you have pain with walking, you have a hard time rising on your toes.

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Where do you feel the pain if you have an Achilles tendon injury?

Behind your ankle. If you have an achilles tendon problem such as tendonitis or calcaneal bursitis you will feel pain in the posterior heel area it can either be just behind the heel or more above the ankle in the tendon area. Read more...

What can I do to help an Achilles tendon injury heal more quickly?

Topaz. Tendon injuries can be difficult to treat. Aside from the normal treatments such as rest, therapy, casting or orthotics, some physicians are turning to topaz. Topaz is a minimally invasive procedure that uses radiofrequency to treat the underlying tendon. In the right patient, topaz could speed up healing times considerably. Read more...

I am recovering from an Achilles tendon injury, what are some things I should be aware of?

What type....? This depends on what type of injury you are recovering from. Strains are most responsive to rest and avoidance of stetching of the heel cord. However, there are a number of studies showing that tendinosis (tendinopathy) is best resolved through eccentric stretching exercises. Be evaluated and treated by an orthopaedic foot and ankle surgeon - one in your area can be found at www.Aofas.Org. Read more...
See below. You need to be careful of excess motion and prolonged stretching or prolonged walking or running. Read more...