Can you fly after surgery for a spontaneous pneumothorax?

Yes, after some time. The surgeon and pulmonologist (lung specialist) can advise a person on how long to wait after pneumothorax surgery before flying in an airplane up high, especially if the person is a pilot. There will be a recommended time period after the surgery, when the lungs are healing and probably attaching themselves to the inside chest wall (to make it hard for the lung to collapse down next time).
Eventually. It is important you communicate with your surgeon. He/she will provide you with post-operative instructions including encouraged activities and any limitations. Depending on the extent of surgery and how things go after surgery, your doctor will give you instructions to assure your safety.

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25 year old son had spontaneous pneumothorax. Surgeon reattached lung to wall now is having same pain he had before surgery when he sneezes?

Might be normal. Might be normal post op pain but a quick chest x-ray will help make sure there's no recurrent pneumo.
Xray. Pleurodiesis is quite effective but not perfect. It is possible he has a small localized symptomatic pneumothorax. Most resorb see the surgeon and likely get an x-ray also.

I had a spontaneous pneumothorax (collapsed lung 40%) 2 months ago. I got the staple/adhesive surgery (pleurodesis). Was told it was genetic and it happens to tall thin guys like me, smoker or nonsmoker. Would vaporizing cannabis be ok once I am healed?

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