Does marijuana get in the way of recovery from a closed head injury?

MARIJUANA MEDICAL. It is quite surprising the usa has 2.3 million in prisons, the most in the world. One part of this besides terrible law for poor, is illegal herb pot. This is a clear and exceptional medical herb for many things. Like all treatments, if used legally, one must monitor anxiety, depression, sleep and brain pressure. I have never touched it personally.
Might help! Marijuana is a complex herb with many components, but a major component, cbd has been shown to stimulate regeneration of neurons. More research is needed but there's evidence it can help alzheimer's ; other neurodegenerative diseases ; thus might help closed head injuries as well; i would only use high-cbd strains. See http://www.Projectcbd.Org/conditions/alzheimers-2/ ; http://bit.Ly/1bypqfd.