Can a mild head injury make you dizzy?

Sure can. Diziness is one of the common complaints that should be asked about when assessing concusions or head injuries as it is common. In milder injuries it usually resolves but if it persists neurologic or ENT evaluation would be advised to asses vestibular and neurologic functioning. There are medications and vestibular therapies that can help if it is problematic and persistent.

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Its been 9 months since I was in a car accident where I had a head injury and had post concussion disorder. I still get dizzy sometimes and feel like in often in a daze. Could this be anxiety? Or wor

Recovery. From TBI can take a while. Generally speaking we allow 1 year for 90 percent of recovery then often see another 10 percent improvement in the second year. Episodic confusion should be looked into (EEG and neurological consultation) Dizziness with rapid head turns is not uncommon 9 months after a closed head injury.
Post Concussion. Follow up with a Neurologist if you are having post-concussion symptoms for this long. Further testing is indicated.
See a neurologist. Rest is the primary treatment for acute concussion Symptoms that have lasted now 9 months can be due to multiple different causes, including cervical spine injury, migraine headaches, inner ear/vestibular dysfunction, chronic pain & several other causes. It is very important to see a neurologist who can evaluate your symptoms, order appropriate imaging studies like MRI brain &neuropsych testing.
Unfortunate. It sounds like you have post concussive syndrome. Unfortunately people with moderate to severe concussions can have ongoing problems like you describe. I would recommend seeing a neurologist who does a lot of work with traumatic brain injuries. They would be able to get you set up with appropriate physical therapy and possibly medications to help relieve your symptoms.
Post concussion. You have post concussive headache syndrome. Best to see a headache specialist who can help you withe these symptoms.
Post Concussion. This is likely post concussion syndrome. After a head injury the vast majority of people will clear up n 2 to 4 weeks. However, there are some who can have symptoms for months or even a year after the accident. I recommend you see your doctor or a neurologist.
Don't assume. I wouldn't assume it is anxiety, even with a prior history. Could be related to a persistent post concussive syndrome, mild TBI. Hopefully you have a good neurologist and psychiatrist who talk with each other and you are getting appropriate care.
Post concussion. Anxiety is a possibility. Most likely it is one of the psychological sequelae of concussion. Please consult a neurologist.
Motor Vehicle trauma. Sir, have a friend return you to the ER NOW. As a hospital trained DDS, you need a Immediate Neurological evaluation. Your signs are consistent of a Delayed injury. It will not get better BUT worse. GO NOW.
Concussion. We are just learning about the extent of head injuries as demonstrated by the new studies on football players. Closed head injury and whiplash type injuries often take years to resolve. Dizziness and neck pain are symptoms of an unresolved injury. I suggest you consult a neurologist and also a physical therapist to help you recover. There are specific interventions for dizziness that work.

I suffered a head injury with concussion 11 days ago. Most symptoms are gone except dizziness if I move too fast. Is it safe to have sex?

Yes, quite safe. You may be suffering from POSTCONCUSSIVE SYNDROME. Have you been examined/cleared by someone with experience in these matters? If not, I'd suggest you do. You may run into some issues down the line that later you'll forget could be related to this concussive event. Best to have a bit of a workup if you're still dizzy. And yes, it's safe to have sex. Questions? Www. Healthtap. Com/dr-saghafi.

Is it normal to be a little dizzy 2 days after a head injury that required stitches?

Yes. Some balance disturbance or dizziness can be normal following a head injury. Most patients will have complete resolution of symptoms with tincture of time. If still present after 7-10 days, you should see your primary care provider.
Abnormal. But not unusual. Take care, rest, analgesics mild, maybe ice to stitch area for a day or so.

What can cause a shooting pain followed by dizziness on the left side of the head. Only lasts for about 5-10 seconds, have never had a head injury.

Neuralgia? Irritation of a nerve can cause unilateral (one side) shooting pains and dizziness might occur in some situations of head nerves. The fact that it only lasts a few seconds might support the idea of a "neuralgiform" pain syndrome (stemming from nerve irritation). These can be difficult to track down, and tests often normal. Any relationship to the wisdom tooth extraction?

Head injury I was hit in the head with a baseball bat about four hours ago and noow I am having nausea, dizziness and heaches. What should I do?

You. You most likely have a concussion even if you were not rendered unconscious. You should go to an emergency room to be checked out. There may be some bleeding inside your head from the impact. The only way to know that is by having a ct scan. Please get help.
Go to ER. The safest course of action would be to go to the er and be evaluated. If the physician determines that it is necessary, a ct of the head may be needed to rule out a serious injury.

Hi just of hospital after suffering minor head injury getting headaches minor dizziness +pressure in head should I go back or is tha normal.

More info needed. Did you get a head ct or MRI when you were in the hospital? If these symptoms are new or if they are getting worse compared to when you were in the hospital, yes go back. If any of the following: headache is constant, associated with nausea, vomiting, gets worse when you bend down, strain, cough or sneeze, go to the er immediately. If you are not sure, err on the safe side and go back for checkup.
Most likely normal. Agree with the other answer. Want to add that the most common after effects of a minor head injury, or concussion, are: headache, mild dizziness, and sometimes mild confusion. These almost always get better with time.
Just observe. Your symptoms are common after a mild closed head injury. I assume you had a normal ct of the head during your hospital stay. Avoid strenuous activity and slow down until your symptoms resolve. If the symptoms worsen, change significantly of persist for more than 7-10 days, I would recommend that you follow up with your doctor and consider a repeat ct of the head.

Would a head injury be causing light-headedness, dizziness, and trouble walking?

Head injury. Yes these symptoms can occur with a concussion. Please seek care from a neurologist and get a test on your brain.