What is the procedure necessary for correcting gastrochesis?

Cover intestines. In gastroschisis, the intestines are uncovered. To cover the intestines, they can be returned directly to the abdomen in the operating room immediately, or they can be covered with a silastic bag and gradually returned to the abdomen over the next few days, followed by surgical closure of the abdomen.
Staged correction. For most cases, the child is taken to surgery where the defect is assessed for simple re-insertion & closure.In most, the abdominal wall is too tight so a silo, or toothpaste tube like structure is sown above the belly to protect the exposed gut.It is covered with antiseptic material. It is stitched up gradually over subsequent days to squeeze the gut back into the belly for closure.
Guts in & close hole. A baby born with gastroschisis has its guts protruding through an abdominal wall defect. The bowel must be placed in the belly cavity & the hole in the abdominal wall closed. Ideally, this is done on the day the baby is born. Sometimes, the bowel will not fit inside, & a temporary "silo" is placed on the abdominal wall to hold the bowel until the abdominal wall stretches & everything fits inside.
Surgery. Gastroschisis is a congenital condition in which the intestines are eviscerated through the abdominal wall usually to the right of the umbilical cord. Repair is necessary to pace the organs back in the abdomen. This is usually done in a single or a two staged operation. Surgery is done shortly after birth. Initiation of feeds may be delayed but survival is usually 100%. It is rare to have defects.