What is the effect of weightlifting on pectus excavatum?

None. Muscular development does not impact the cartilage deformity of pectus excavatum, except in the case where the muscles may mask the skeletal deformity somewhat (not very effectively).
Unlikely. Pectus excavatum is a posterior deformity of the breast bone. It grows toward the spine causing a sunken appearance to the chest. Exercising can increase the pects and other chest muscles, but cannot reverse the tendency of growth of the breast bone and ribs.
May help sometimes. There is an article called "exercise therapy in the correction of pectus excavatum" by steward cheung (in hong kong) that describes the stretching and types of exercises than makes the pectoralis muscles pull outward on the breastbone (sternum). It is very hard to consistently do exercises several times a day, but if one does them, the exercises may help the pectus excavatum look better.

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How serious is my pectus excavatum?

You decide. Pectus varies in severity. I see that you are an adult. If you want it repaired for cosmetic reasons, or your physician says it is interfering with something in your chest, get with a subspecialist who does these procedures.
Pectus Excavatum. Pectus Excavatum can range from very mild to severe. The symptoms are typically related to the severity of the pectus, ranging from completely asymptomatic to possible cardio-pulmonary problems. You should be evaluated by a surgeon with expertise in the field. Here is a link with helpful information: http://emedicine. Medscape. Com/article/1004953-overview.

What are the social impacts of pectus excavatum?

All depends on peers. Depends on how tolerant the peer group is towards physical deformities. In some cultures no stigma, in others, varying degrees of acceptance versus rejection.
Pectus problems. Pectus excavatum usually does not become severe until early puberty and adolescence. The appearance of the chest can be very disturbing to young teenagers. Problems with self-esteem and body image perception are frequently reported in teenaged patients. Psychologic disturbances are not unusual in older patients primarily related to the perception ; appearance of the caved-in chest.

What happens if you don't treat pectus excavatum?

NoT much. Rarely does this cause any medical condition besides the cosmetic appearance. It is usually done in teenage boys for purely cosmetic and social reasons.
Nothing... Pectus repair is primarily a cosmetic repair. Studies don't show any improvement in symptoms that are sometimes attributed to pectus deformities.

Help docs! My 9 year old daughter has a pectus excavatum?

How severe? Take her to a pediatric cardiac surgeon. If the deformity is small it may not need anything. If it is severe, it would have not taken you 9 years to realize it, it would have been repaired by now. So I'm thinking it is not too deformed. 2 common repairs, nuss procedure or classic repair. Your pediatric cardiac surgeon can advise. When costal cartilage's grow fast lengthwise may push bone in/out.
Relax. Talk to your pediatrician. Most pectus patients have few if any symptoms. If they are present, exercise intolerance, chest pain, shortness of breath, etc, can be seen. Most children lead full and active lives with no therapy. If you want to have it repaired for cosmetic or psychological factors, talk to you doctor about timing. If done too early, recurrence is possible.
Ped surgery referral. Have her evaluated by a pediatric surgeon. The closest center of excellence to you for this repair is CHKD in Norfolk, VA (www. Chkd. Org). In the meantime, work on her posture and encourage aerobic activities.