Is appendicitis pain different from a stomach ache pain?

Depends. Early appendicitis can be difficult to separate from run of the mill stomach ache however it quickly increases in severity and locates to the right lower abdomen. It also hurts when moving around.
Yes (and no) Appendicitis is a cause of abdominal pain. It may begin as a typical 'stomach ache' but soon changes (w/in 24hrs) into a very different kind of pain: sharp, constant, progressively-worsening, well-localized typically to the right lower abdomen. Left untreated, it will typically lead to rupture within a day-or-two. This is an emergency and requires emergency (room) evaluation.
Yes. It can start centrally then may move to the right lower quadrant. It can be associated with nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, and pain with walking. Younger children may refuse to walk and want to be carried.

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With chronic appendicities after eating how many hours pass by for you to have a stomach ache?

It varies. Chronic appendicitis is not very common. One of the signs of appendicitis is not having an appetite. Since you very young, it is likely that your pain may be related to your ovary. You have a gynecological exam to get to the bottom of your problrm. Read more...