Is it possible to have a normal delivery if the baby is breech?

Yes. By definition, a breech delivery is not normal, because it is not the typical way for a fetus to present. However, that does not mean the baby cannot be delivered in the normal fashion, i.e., by the vaginal route. Delivering a breech fetus by the vaginal route does carry some additional risk, since it can be more difficult, so the medical team must be experienced in this type of vaginal delivery.
No. It has been concluded based on large studies that the safest way for a single breech baby to be born is via c-section. Most ob/gyn in the United States do not have adequate training in vaginal breech deliveries and would recommend a c-section.
Risk varies. The fetal head is the largest body part to pass through the birth canal. Passage of the legs and torso does not mean the head will not get stuck, leading to an emergency where the baby must be pushed back in and delivered from above. That said, some smaller babies slip out easily. The best choice is to work with your doc and follow his/her guidance on a difficult situation.