Can abdominal hernias in children rupture?

Words matter. Some call a hernia a rupture, signifying the move of an abdominal organ out of its normal location, moving thru a barrier.The belly button or midline abdominal hernia is usually benigh.The belly muscles tighten with age & gradually the hernia disappears.There is some risk of the muscles tightening & trapping the hernia out-but a warm bath can relax baby & release it, if not the surgeon must fix it.
No. Hernias are congenital openings that have failed to close. In many cases repair is indicated, especially if symptomatic. They can incarcerate and cause pain.
Not really. I am not sure what you mean by abdominal hernia. If you mean umbilical or belly button hernia, they do not rupture. If you mean ventral wall hernia or a hernia in the middle of the belly, then also no. Have your pediatrician evaluate your child.

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