Are there non-surgical treatments for hernias in children?

Depends. Umbilical hernias may resolve on their own without treatment, however, inguinal hernias always require surgical treatment.
It depends. Most umbilical hernias in children will close spontaneously by the age of 4. These are typically asymptomatic. Inguinal hernias, on the other hand, never resolve spontaneously and require timely repair due to the risk of incarceration.
No. If a child truly has a hernia, then the only way to fix it is surgically. However, the surgery itself can be performed in either a laparoscopic or open approach.
No. Umbilical hernias will close in all likelihood if small and by the age of 2 years in 80% of children. Inguinal hernias do not close nor is there any non-surgical treatment. The defect has to be surgically closed to prevent complications and damage to intestine or to the testicle.