Are there different types of surgical procedures for pectus excavatum?

Unsinking the chest. Some really good options are available for this procedure. Pediatric surgeons have advanced this treatment over the years. Now it is possible to have the procedure done in less time with great results. All kids with pectus excavatum do not need surgery. Your pediatrician and his/her surgical physicians can determine the timing and type of procedure.
Yes. There are different surgical procedures for pectus excavatum. The 2 main approaches include the nuss procedure and the ravitch procedure. Nuss involves minimally invasive placement of a metal bar behind the sternum to lift the sternum. Ravitch involves resection of the cartilages and elevating the sternum with a metal bar.
Yes. The open approach uses an incision on the anterior chest through which the abnormal rib cartilages are excised & the sternum is fractured into normal configuration. The cartilages grow back beginning at 3 weeks post-op. Minimally invasive repair involves no rib excision. The sternum is restored to normal position using substernal steel bars which are placed through small axillary incisions.
Yes. The classic operation is the ravitch procedure. It involves breaking the breast bone and removing the cartilages of the ribs and placing a metal strut bar. This procedure is long and associated with significant blood loss. The nuss procedure is less invasive, shorter operation, little to no blood loss and achieves a comparable result. Check youtube for videos on nuss procedure.
Pectus treatment. There are different types of surgery for treatment of pectus excavatum. Detailed information can be found at: http://emedicine. Medscape. Com/article/1004953-overview.