Are there any good ways of reducing scarring after a cleft lip surgery?

Yes. Some treatments offered before surgery (nasoalveloar molding, or nam) can help lessen the scarring afterwards. Sometimes, scars will need to be revised surgically to get the best outcome, but this is fortunately not common.
Depends. Always follow your surgeons instructions carefully and discuss the issue of scarring with him. After the cleft lip has healed sometimes topical application of vitamin E oil once per day is helpful but this is controversial.

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How do I fix the scars left behind by cleft lip surgery?

Scar revision. It depends on the scar. You can use creams like mederma, laser resurfacing or scar revision surgery or a combination. Consult a facial surgeon to determine your options.
Revision. Without seeing photos you have several options. Non-surgical options include kenalog (triamcinolone) injections along the scar as well as co2 laser resurfacing. If the lip exhibits retraction or requires lengthening then a surgical revision would be necessary.

I have a cleft lip and partial cleft pallet, had a lip surgery and need more, but my hospital doesn't know where my dental records are. What can I do?

Need more info. You need to get an appointment with an oral surgeon. The best place to get a referral is from your dentist or the local Dental Society in your county. I'm not so sure that prior dental records are essential in this case.

Does cleft lip and palate surgery leave behind a lot of scarring? My son will have his first cleft lip and palate surgery next month, and I'm concerned about scarring. Do the reconstruction surgeries normally cause a lot of scarring? Is scar removal a com

All. All surgery leaves scars. The quality and the location of the scar is the important factor (assuming excellent tech)it is very important to investigate your surgeons training & reputation..
Possible. The technology today in cleft lip and palate reconstruction is very good. The scarring is usually minimal and not noticeable. Many famous people you've seen on tv have had cleft lip surgery and you don't even know it. I wouldn't worry about the scarring; the most important thing is restoring form and function to your child's mouth.
Yes and no. The first surgery is for gross closure and much of it's cosmetic success is depending upon what the surgeon has to work with. There will be many opportunites for revision of the scar as the child grows and the end result should be fine. The first surgery puts you in the ballpark. The seats are arranged later.