How do you tell the difference between cystic fibrosis symptoms and asthma symptoms in a toddler?

CF vs asthma. There is some overlap. Kids with CF often have other symptoms besides their respiratory ones, like oily stool, failure to gain weight, diarrhea. They can also get frequent bacterial lung infections that children with asthma do not often get. They also tend to produce phlegm that is thicker, white/green and looks more like pus, than the white/clear phlegm that children with asthma produce.
Cystic fibrosis. Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a rare genetic disease that alters cillia function. Cillia are microscopic hair-cells that keep the lungs and sinuses sterile by sweeping bacteria up out of the lungs and down out of the sinuses. Although persons with asthma may have frequent infections, persons with CF typically stand out from their peers as being more difficult to medically manage.
CF sweat test. There is an overlap between the symptoms of CF and asthma. Since CF can have many clinical presentations, a screening test is used. If he is wheezing in between mild viral illnesses, has poor growth, gastrointestinal problems, sinusitis, or a family history, a sweat test is indicated. The test is a screening test, and if there is any question that your child might have cf, he should be tested.

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Anyone know what is a pathogen that is present in aids, asthma, leukaemia and cystic fibrosis?

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Can u have atypical cystic fibrosis if u have asthma, severe pancreas involvement & CFTR m470v? Report indicates a 2nd gene may be rare or unknown

Maybe. Surprisingly, M470V is a common variation. Studies have shown 50% of the population has this mutation and actually less likely to cause CF. Most individuals with CF and carry M470V have some other hidden etiology that is the cause, rather than M470V. Genetic expression may be variable and so will be the clinical manifestations. Speak with your doc and a geneticist for specific information. Read more...