How can respiratory bronchiolitis be treated?

Supportive care. This is most often a condition caused by a virus, so no medication is needed. Supportive care is recommended, for example staying hydrated. Bronchiolitis can cause more significant symptoms in the very young, usually less than a year of age, and the elderly.
Homeopathy /Herbs. The first answer is correct. Bronchiolitis is a viral illness best treated with supportive care medically. In my practice I have had success with homeopathy and chinese herbaceuticals getting this to resolve a little quicker and hopefully preventing problems down the road. (only time will answer that part). .
Most stay home. Most can stay at home. In more severe cases oxygen and IV fluids may be required in hospital. Antibiotics are not required as viral illness. In infants reasons for hospital may include: •poor feedinglethargy •respiratory rate above 70 breaths/minute •presence of nasal flare and/or grunting •severe chest wall recession •cyanosis (blue lips/tongue) •dehydration.
Steroids. Steroids are often given for respiratory bronchiolitis in adults. Some pts have altered physiology necessitating therapy.