Does pregnancy cause skin changes?

Yes. Common concerns are increased pigmentation of the face (e.g. Along cheek bones and upper lip, often referred to as the mask of pregnancy) and abdominal stretch marks. Generally increased blood flow may cause a noticeable blush over the cheeks referred to as the pregnancy glow. Acne may become more problematic during pregnancy and spider veins may also develop.
Yes. Melasma is the name for the dark splotches than can appear on the face. Stretch marks come from tension on the skin. Acne is common from all the hormone changes. The dark line down the middle of the abdomen is called the linea nigra. The nipples and labia often darken in color. Freckles often become darker as well.

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What are the skin changes pregnancy can cause?

Several. Melasma, stretch marks, worsening acne, puppps are some of the more common skin changes associated with pregnancy.
Several. Pregnancy is a special time but it can change many things in your body and some of them may show up in your skin. There is increased oil production during pregancy & that can cause acne. Also you may develop increased pigmentation known as melasma. Some skin lesions may grow & should be checked. You should enjoy your pregnancy but rest assured that all these things can be treated later.
Core strengthening. Core strengthening advocated by pilates and yoga regimens is excellent. Using an external binder to help, reposition the rectus muscles in the early post-partum may also be beneficial.

Any pregnancy skin changes?

Stretch marks. The most significant change my patients have complained about is stretch marks.

How do I reduce my skin changes after pregnancy?

Wait a bit. Most of the skin changes in pregnancy will improve or resolve within about 6 months. Some (stretch marks, saggy skin) may not go away. All the dark pigment should go away. Your ob/gyn can tell you what won't improve.
Time. I would allow your hormones to return to baseline. Nursing may effect the as well.