What kind of doctor do you need to see if you are worried your child has dyslexia?

Depends. Either a pH.D., such as a trained psychologist, with a specialization in disorders of childhood. However, psychologists cannot prescribe medication. A medical doctor, such as a child psychiatrist, has psychotherapeutic skills, but also has medical training. Hence, can prescribe medication, if needed.
Education specialist. If the problem truly is dyslexia, psychologists and educators have the expertise to help. Some people train as educational psychologists, overlapping knowledge about cognitive function and school systems. A variety of specialized approaches exist to help with dyslexia, and each has its strong advocates. Medications are not helpful for dyslexia itself.
Educational psycholo. While neurologists and behavioral pediatricians diagnose and work with children who are dyslexic, your child should have a thorough psychoeducational evaluation and work with a a speech and language therapist who works with dyslexic children.
If your child is. reading below grade level & is in public school, ask for Response to Intervention Services. These are given at 3 levels of intensity for students whose academic progress is slower than expected. At any time during the process, you can request an evaluation for an Individualized Educational Plan. Call Lindamood-Bell, +16503211191, in Menlo Park for a private assessment. Best of luck!