What is the difference between psychopaths and sociopaths, are there more of them that are juvenile delinquents?

Same and different. A psychopath is someone with little to no empathy, very shallow emotions, and poor connections to others. Very poor understanding of social norms. A sociopath has much the same issue, but more so in terms of interactions with others, often being manipulative, cunning, and using others as a tool. Both are very egocentric, and put themselves first always. Many juvenile delinquents are at least one.
Interchangable. Essentially the terms are interchangeable, with neither really being worse than the other. The full, true clinical term is antisocial personality disorder, the hallmark of which is for the most part, a person who has no conscience, who exploit others, who are extremely likely to be involved in criminal activity, and yes, who have a history of legal troubles often dating back to early childhood.
Psychopaths and soci. Hello, psychopaths often have little to no remorse as much as the sociopath who tends to be a follower in a crowd.S.