What is the difference between pervasive developmental delay and autism?

None. Its a classification description. Pervasive developmental disorders (pdd) is the overall description of conditions sharing significant social and communication disabilities. "mammal" is a term defining hair bearing animals that nurse their young. Autism is a subset of PDD like human is a subset of mammal. Asperger's is a subset of pdd, as are many other conditions.
"Pervasive Develop- Mental disorders" is now "autistic spectrum disorders." pdd-not otherwise specified, " used for observable behaviors that fulfill some, but not all, criteria for autism will soon be "social communication disorder" in young kids with deficits in social communication & reciprocity but no stereotypies/ narrow, restricted areas of interest. Autistic disorder is the new diagnosis for all other asd's.
A spectrum. Essentially, the degree and...Well...Pervasiveness of delay. Or, as we generally say in psychiatry, the degree of dysfunction. The problem only becomes a problem when the person having the problem sees the problem as actually being a problem....

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Could a child diagnosed with global developmental delay have autism?

Yes. "global developmental delay" is a general descriptive diagnosis that encompasses many different conditions. It means there are delays in all aspects of development (motor, social/ emotional, language/ communication, cognitive) and can be mild to severe. The cause is not always apparent, especially at a young age, and often cannot be determined. [continued in next post.].
Continued. Autism may be a cause of global developmental delay, but most often involves delays mainly in the language/communication and social/ emotional domains of development. Autism is not always an isolated diagnosis; it may a part of a more generalized condition. The cdc we site has information on development & autism. The autism link is: www. Cdc. Gov/ncbddd/autism/actearly.
Yes. A child with intellectual disability can also have autism. The lower the iq, the higher the chance of autistic behaviors. Children with autism can also have intellectual disability. The two categorical diagnoses may be caused by a single underlying neurodevelopmental disorder, so there are standards for medical evaluation that include thorough physical and neurological exams and genetic studies.

Does my daughter have autism or some other developmental delay? It's not the same, right?

Get evaluated. Autism often has developmental delay, either social, motor or language. I obviously do not know your daughter, so they need an evaluation to see what the various issues may be.
Autism is specific. Autism (a) is a label used for a specific set of features & is like diagnosing appendicitis. It is specific. Autism is sometimes uses in a broader sense as ASD -autistic spectrum disorder, which includes autism, aspergers & pervasive developmental delay- not otherwise specified. This lumping together of different problems is sort of like having appendicitis spectrum disorder -belly pain.
Autism is different. Autism is characterized by difficulties interacting with others, abnormal communication skills, and restricted repetitive and stereotyped behaviors. Depending on how severe the autism is, someone could also have mental retardation as well. There are many different types of developmental delays.
They co-occur. 40-68% of children with autism have intellectual disability, an overall iq <70. Dev, delay in a child too young for iq testing is failing to meet 1 or more dev. Milestones by the age 90% of infants-preschoolers do. Autism is qualitative impairments in social communication, reciprocal social interaction & repetive non-functional movements or narrow, restricted areas of interest. See firstsigns. Org.

Could a child w developmental delay be diagnosed w high functioning autism w ADHD & gdd/asperger all at the same time?

Poly-dx. While some developmental diagnoses speak to different areas of development (e.g., cognitive delay, social disability like autism) it is unlikely (and in the case of autism and aspergers) or even inappropriate to diagnose all you listed as co-existing. Seek a second opinion from a developmental pediatrician and/or early childhood psychologist.
No. The diagnosis of. &quot;global developmental delays&quot; &amp;#40;gdd&amp;#41; refer to infants, toddlers &amp; preschoolers whose overall development proceeds at a slower-than-normal rate. If verbal &amp; non-verbal IQ tests reveal overall cognitive abilities less than 70 by KG-1st grade, the diagnosis is intellectual disability, seen in ~ 45-65% of kids with autistic spectrum disorder. ADHD occurs in 40-70% of kids with ASD, independent of IQ.
Yes. These diagnoses all overlap and since kids with autism can look so different from day to day it can be hard to tell what fits best. Autism includes attention problems. How significant does it have to be to add the adhd label? Depends on the providers training and experience. A good approach is not to worry about the labels, but focus on what the child needs in order to reach their full potential.
Definitely not! Adhd symptoms must be understood to be part and parcel of the autism spectrum. In DSM, it is incorrect to make a second diagnosis of adhd if the child is already on the autism spectrum. Unless the child is so severely adhd that limits function or puts them at risk e.g. climbing so much or running that they injure themselves multiple times per week. And choices are either autism, aspy, or PDD.

Baby boy is a 1month+5days old and he won't look anyone in their eyes. Is it true that is a sign of Autism or Developmental delays?

Concerning. Visual development in infants is stimulated by contrast, so young infants will often look at the edge of your face or head rather than the eyes, but some brief eye contact, particularly when nursing, is expected. Pediatric ophthalmologists can evaluate your baby for vision loss, otherwise careful monitoring by your pediatrician can help early diagnosis of autism.
? never or briefly? I would be concerned if an infant never looked at least briefly at your face/eyes, but not about autism. New babies often look and look away as if holding onto a steady gaze was too much stimulation to process at one time. If baby never fixes gaze or doesn't follow a light or object briefly to the midline, I would worry about vision. Discus this with your doc.
No. Babies all develop at different rates. Eye contact usually occurs in the 1-2 month period, but not always. Developmental milestones are guidelines that we use, but each individual child is different. The only way to tell if development is going normally is to watch how he changes over time. Hope this helps!

My daughter has developmental delays and problems with her legs a neuro seen her and is testing for autism but wont test for anything else?

Autism. What sorts of "problem with her legs? " and how old is your daughter? I am not convinced that autism and leg problems can be associated. I would seek a second opinion as regards the leg issues, and perhaps even suggest a brain mri. Be persistent. If your instincts are telling you something is not right, do not simply accept this doctor's opinion...Seek another.
Autism. Autism is more a communication problem. Lots of children with ASD are ok with motor development.
Re-sending resources. Scibilia, james tri-state pediatric associates 2580 constitution blvd beaver falls, pa 15010 is a developmental/behavioral pediatrician near you. And kathy arnold, hmg advisory council coordinator state department of health bureau of early intervention services 246 n. High street, 5th floor columbus, oh 43215 phone: (614) 728-6784 website: http://www. Ohiohelpmegrow. Org/aboutus/council/.