Is there any truth to the fact that vaccines can cause learning problems in your child?

NO. Many people are concerned about vaccines and potential side effects. Fortunately they have been well studied by independent experts. If two things happens at the same time it is natural to wonder if there is an association between the two. Fortunately scientists have developed reliable techniques to evaluate such scenarios. No link or association has ever been found when examined closely.
No. Vaccine haters in the 80's told us they caused cp, in the 90's crib death & now wakefield & his cronies have killed hundreds with their money making hoax about vaccines.Now that specialized tests are revealing a genetic origin to much of autism the vaccine haters will move on to other things.Learning disabilities have heritable & acquired origins & there is no evidence that vaccines ever caused 1.
Ridiculous!! Where these notions come from, is beyond me. Certainly not from any research, studies or facts.While the true causes of these are not kn own, it is known that they are not caused by vaccines.