Is there an association between IQ and learning disabilities, if so how low does my IQ have to be to have a learning disability?

Yes and No. A specific learning disability may occur in someone with a lower than average iq. But the concept of ld is based on the idea that you are not able to learn at the level your IQ would normally allow. Say you read at a normal level for your iq, but cannot understand math or your short term memory won't let you write down a full sentence off the board without looking at each letter, thease ore ld's.
Average to above avg. Learning disabilities are defined as unexpected difficulties learning in a child with an average to above average iq. A significant discrepancy between iq & achievement scores on standardized tests used to determine eligilibility for "special ed." now it is determined by a student's lack of adequate "response to intervention" when educational help is provided over a specific time.
Learning disability. If one's iq is below 70, that is considered mild mental retardation. The definition of a learning disability is when a person has an average iq, i.e. Above 70 and the person performs at two or more grades below the expected level in certain subjects. Like a person who performs at the fifth grade level in math, but is actually in the 7th grade with a normal iq; such a person has a math disorder.