What are the affects of lead poisoning on pregnancy?

Toxic effects. Lead is one source for many problems. During pregnancy it can hurt mom & baby. It can end up in blood cells making them less able to carry oxygen. It can build up in developing brain tissue & cause damage. It can lay down in growing fetal bone.In high enough levels it can trigger coma or seizures.
Developmental delay. Lead exposure during pregnancy can occur from many sources. It is important to determine if you are at risk of being exposed to lead. According to a risk assessment by the centers for disease control (cdc), the following may place you at risk: 1) do you or others in your household have an occupation that involves lead exposure? 2) sometimes, pregnant women have the urge to eat things other than food, such as clay, soil, plaster or paint chips. Do you ever eat paint chips? 3) do you live in an old house with ongoing renovations that generate a lot of dust? 4) do you use non-commercially prepared pottery or crystal? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you may be at increased risk of lead exposure or poisoning. You and your baby may be at increased risk during pregnancy. For mothers, this may mean significant anemia. Lead can enter your bloodstream and it can be stored in the mother’s bones, especially if you do not take in enough calcium. Lead exposure can affect the unborn child's brain, causing developmental problems later in life. Fetuses exposed to lead before birth may be born early or underweight. If you believe you have been exposed to lead, please contact your doctor and local health department.