Is it possible for women to have sexual relationships after they have been sexual abused as children?

YEs. That is a very good question. It can be difficult for some, to experience normal adult sexual relations after having been the victim of abuse. Sometimes, therapy is necessary. But yes, not only is it possible, it is likely that a person will be able to eventually get over his or her sexual trauma and have meaningful, normal sex lives.
Yes. This may come naturally, especially with the right man, or it may be difficult, and it may be helpful for these people to talk over what has happened and how to change any behaviors or patterns of thinking that it may have produced. Especially, avoid any "therapist" who focuses on the idea that permanent disability has resulted or that the key to health is to hate rather than to love.
Of course. Some women may be resilient and "get over it, " so to speak. Other women may need more intensive therapy. But, having fulfilling sexual relationships in adulthood is very very likely.