If you are anorexic as a teen but then start eating again, will you be able to grow to your height potential and will your boobs get bigger?

Varies a lot. Whether or not an ex-anorexic older teen can achieve her genetically pre-destined height and breast size depends on how malnourished she was, how long she was anorexic, when her genetically programmed growth teen growth spurt was, and how her weight and nutrition are now. If she suffered significant starvation during her growth spurt years, she is unlikely to regain what she lost.
Probably No/Probably. As soon as the areas between your bones seal (called epiphyseals), you will not any longer grow taller. If you are 32, this has certainly already occurred. As far as your breast size is concerned, as some breast tissue is actually composed of fat, once you start gaining and reach your ideal body weight, you may notice your breast also change in size. Pregnancy and nursing will also increase size.