If the teacher tells me that my daughter forgets things all of the time at school, is this a sign of adhd?

Yes. Your child''s teacher, although not a physician, is a 6 hour daily observer of your child, and his/her input is important in assessing the history of a child undergoing a thorough evaluation for adhd. Forgetfulness is a cardinal symptom of inattention in a child and is a significant observation. Many questionnaires - achenbach, anser, connor's, eg - provide significant input from teachers for doc.
Yes it is suggestion. Teacher's observation is very important and as matter of fact I always ask the reports from the school including school nurse and the teachers. You do have to take your child to the Pediatrician with observational reports in detail and get examined.He or she may refer you to child Neuroloigist/Psychiatrist Also here in New Jersey there is School Team Recommendations as well.
Forgets what? Do you mean needed items, what she learned the day before or basic facts she learned in prior grades? How are her grades? I agree with dr. E; she needs a medical evaluation for adhd, but she may also need a psychological eval for learning disabilities, a medical eval for absence seizures. Vision & hearing screens, etc ask her to write down her observations & take them to your pediatrician.
Maybe. Although your child's teacher is not qualified to make a diagnosis, she is an invaluable observer of your child's behavior a prolonged period of time.A forgetful child is not always adhd, only when the symptoms are severe, and not better explained by another condition....If problems persist seek professional help.Rating scales are helpful but not diagnostic.
No. A teacher cannot diagnose, only suggest. Your daughter would need to be seen by a physician qualified in the diagnosis and treatment of children. Only a doctor can diagnose adhd. Ideally, you would see a child & adolescent psychiatrist.