What can I do to treat stretch marks?

Laser, co2 injection. Fractionated laser can improve the appearance of stretch marks, although it is more effective in red fresh stretch marks. Another treatment is carboxytherapy, injections of medical carbon dioxide gas, which can improve both red and older stretch marks in any color of skin with no downtime. Increased blood supply stimulates new collagen formation in a few weeks.
Surgery. If the stretch marks are in the lower part of your belly, tummy tuck will remove them. But if stretch marks are on the top part of breasts or thighs or arms, they are permanent.

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What can I do to treat stretch marks around my breasts?

Eval. Please see a dermatologist or plastic surgeon for evaluation. Possible treatments include fractional laser resurfacing, dermabrasion & medication (i.e., retinoids). Read more...