If a mom has bipolar disorder and a dad has depression, what are the chances the child will have either problem when he grows up?

Hard to say. The genetic component increases the child's chances. But, the environment, and personality also play a very large role.
Depression. With any major mental disorder, having a first degree relative who is afflicted increases the likelihood that children may have some form of the disease, although it certainly is not inevitable.
The stats. From the literature: 35% chance if one parent has it. 75% if both parents have it. These are the probabilities. Literature says depression & anxiety push the odds slightly more. Keep in mind that a more stressful environment will play a major role in pushing these probabilities forward. A more stable environment is always protective against gene expression of any genetic vulnerability. take care.

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Can you tell me how to make my mom to get treatment for her depression and bipolar disorder?

Depends. States have civil commitment laws that govern involuntary psychiatric treatment if specific legal criteria are meet. Absent this treatment can't be forced. Read more...

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Hello. . Hello. I can't make a diagnosis via this format. Your moods could be related to an affective disorder like major depression, but also may have some traits seen with borderline personality disorder. Please get help. Currently, we have the best medications ever available to treat these conditions. You sound lonely. Please get help with a therapist. I know that it probably seems hard to believe that things can improve, but honestly they can. I think dying sounds alright to you now, because you are in so much pain. When you are feeling better, suicide probably won't seem like an attractive option. Plese let your family know about your cutting and your suicidal thoughts. If you have active thoughts to kill yourself now, the please call 911 or have your family take you to the er. Please give treatment a chance. Take care. Read more...
Go to a therapist. The symptoms your are talking about are severe and you should seek help immediately. When bipolar is in the family genetics there is always a high probability that it is passed down. There is medication that is quite helpful for this and there is no need to suffer when there is help available. The hurting yourself is an attempt to not feel so bad emotionally but provides no long term help. Read more...