If a guy was born a crack baby will his children be a crack babies as well?

Not unless. . . A former crack baby who grows up and chooses a good, clean-living woman for a wife, and has children with that wife, will not have crack babies (unless the clean-living wife starts using crack during her pregnancies). Crack babies are only born to crack-using women.
Crack babies. Drug use is strongly hereditary. Most kids genes are activated by 12-13years old, then the kid will have internal pressures to find drugs. Also the environment he grows up into (parents addictive behavior and abusive physically + mentally (even sexually) trigger kid into maladaptive behavior and addiction. Most drug addicts have lifelong mental diagnosis also.
Depends on Mom. The term "crack baby" refers to babies who are exposed to crack prior to being born. This requires that presence of crack in the mother's system, and has nothing to do with the father's exposure to crack as a baby.