How is conduct disorder related to anti-social personality disorder?

Conduct Disorder. Conduct disorder occurs in childhood and adolescence. It involves long-term (chronic) behavior problems like defiant, impulsive behavior; drug use; truancy before age 13; and criminal activity. It can be associated w/addiction in the parents, child abuse, family conflict, poverty, etc. Untreated or treated unsuccessfully, kids with this may go on to develop antisocial pd after age 18.
Personality Disorder. Conduct disorder if not treated properly in early childhood and teenage years can lead to be a personality disorder anti-social pd. There are various contributors to affect the temperament leading to such a personality disorder.
ODD. Majority have history of poor impulse control & inattention, go on to develop oppositional defiant behaviors, and especially in boys, can develop antisocial acts.
One than the other. A child is typically given the diagnosis of conduct disorder while under the age of 18. Once older, those with conduct disorder typically (not always) progress to the diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder.