Does polyethylene glycol work well for for kids with encopresis?

Yes. Quite a few studies have shown that it may work well in certain kids with encopresis.
Good to Try. This may be especially helpful in assisting the child with getting back into a regular pattern of going to the bathroom. If the encopresis is associated with severe emotional problems, polyethylene glycol is less likely to be helpful.

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8yr old with autism, adhd, and encopresis. No solid bm for 3 months. X ray this past fri. Treatment daily miralax (polyethylene glycol) and enemas. 1sm solid bm. Advice?

Probable overflow. These are probably loose stools around an impaction. A cleanout as recommended by your pcp or GI doc, followed by daily miralax, (polyethylene glycol) mineral oil and fiber such as popcorn, along with designated toilet sitting time, should help. Read more...
Impaction. I would agree some children with behavior issues tend to retain and have leakage around the impacted stool from a dilated rectum and anus she needs a gastroenterology consultation . Read more...