Does emotional abuse cause more mental disorders as an adult compared with physical or sexual abuse?

All abuse causes. Emotional harm. Physical & sexual abuse is always accompanied by emotional abuse. But in my experience the emotional aspects of abuse seem to take longer to heal than the physical aspects. The good thing is that people survive & even thrive after abuse when they get the right support & help.
Good question. That is a difficult one to answer. The actual incidence of "emotional" abuse is not easily obtainable, since it isn't "reported." the consequences of physical and sexual abuse are better understood since these come to our attention much more frequently. In interviews with my patients with mental disorders (i dislike that term) i find a frequent allusion to emotionally abusive parents, spouses etc.

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What sort of mental illnesses can come from child neglect physical/emotional/ verbal/ sexual abuse?

PTSD. Any type of childhood abuse can cause symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. This can affect different people in several different ways- including attachment disorders, addictions, high-risk behaviors, anxiety, depression, and many others. Find a good therapist who specializes in ptsd to help deal with some of these issues. Read more...

How to recover from sexual & emotional abuse?

Eval. Get a full psychiatric evaluation to determine what bothers you, and consider medication to take the edge off them symptoms. Next, get a referral to a reputable psychotherapist to discuss what your current emotional state and life experiences men to YOU, including sexual and emotional abuse. Meds and therapy together are the most optimal approach, for the most part. Read more...