Can an infant ever recover from brain damage from bacterial encephalitis?

Infant plasticity. While an adult with an identical injury may be stuck when injured nerves cannot heal, an infant has better healing powers & may be able to rewire past injured areas.Since their system had not completed adult wiring at the time of injury their "plasticity" makes better healing possible.I have seen some remarkable improvements in kids over the years when many held little hope.Improvement is possible.
Anything is possible. The brain is remarkable in its recuperative powers. Never give up, provide the baby with all the good nutrition and stimulation you can. There are some experimental pharmacological treatments that may increase or facilitate brain recovery from anoxic, traumatic or inflammatory injury (that's what happens after bacterial encephalitis).

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How common is it for a baby to get permanent brain damage from encephalitis caused by a virus?

Not common. Most cases of encephalitis are mild with full recovery. However, in some cases there are permanent neurological consequences which may include personality changes, language difficulties, seizures, memory loss, and partial paralysis. I would be pleased to consult with you further on HealthTap. Read more...