Are there other types of ADHD besides when a kid is hyperactive?

Types of ADHD. There are three types: inattentive type with difficulty focusing, concentrating, finishing tasks, listening, organizing, forgetfulness; hyperactive-impulsive type with difficulty sitting still, constantly on the go, talkativeness, intrusiveness, interrupting, impatient; combined type with symptoms of both inattention and hyperactivity.
Of course. Some kids "daydream." other kids daydream sometimes, and run around too much at other times. There are as many "types" of adhd as there are kids.
Yes. Adhd-primarily inattentive type (ia) replaced add as a diagnosis when research showed that the underlying neurobiological & neurochemical bases were the same as for adhd-combined type, which has significant symptoms of both inattention & hyperactivity/impulsivity. Adhd-ia is the most common type but c or h/i in preschoolers is more commonly referred. Ia is related to academic difficulties.
There are 5 types. According to the dsm-iv-tr there are 5 types of adhd: predominantly hyperactive/impulsive subtype, predominantly inattentive subtype, combined subtype, persistent into adulthood, and not other wise specified. The most common is the inattentive subtype by a wide margin, and is the subtype frequently missed. See http://www. Behavenet. Com/capsules/disorders/adhd. Htm.